We work with several specially selected artists and can provide art for your interiors from the contemporary art world.

From drawings to ethereal abstract landscapes, and edgy street art to neon signs, we can guide you on the best art for your space.

Jake Chodesh
A severely autistic artist has raised over £10,000 for charity by selling his celebrity portraits. Jake’s unique style quickly sparked the attention of art lovers, and he now regularly receives private commissions.
John Dolan
London based artist and author of “I have a dog called George” changed his life from a homeless drug addict to a celebrated street artist.
Thierry Noir 
is a French artist who is claimed to be the first street artist to paint on the Berlin wall His brightly coloured paintings, which often feature cartoon-like profiles, are now considered iconic.  
Adolfo Arenas Alonso
was born in Seville,Andalucia, He studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville, his work Is a technique of pencil realism. Adolfo now lives in London..
Paul Kingsley Squire
Self taught London based multi disciplinary artist fascinated with themes of Metamorphosis and Transformation. His works include oil paintings, intricate pencil drawings and works created with a digital pen & tablet.